Pilots Combined Bridge Simulator and Manned Model Course

Course Duration - 40 Hours. Three days are spent in the the Manned Model Ships, followed by two days in the Ship's Bridge Simulator. If desired, the duration of the individual elements of the course may be adjusted.

Course Description - This course offers Professional Development to experienced Pilots and utilises both a Manned Model Ship Handling Centre and a Ship's Bridge Simulator. It is especially suitable for Pilots, who have previously participated in a Manned Model Ship Handling Course, who wish to revise their perceptions and extend their expertise.

Course Aim - To provide continuing professional development for experienced pilots. The bridge simulator and manned models give pilots the opportunity to extend their knowledge and practice, with particular reference to special situations encountered within their own sphere of operations.

Course Structure - The course is comprised of two modules :-

Module 1:     Manned Model Shiphandling

Module 2:     Ship's Bridge Simulator


Pilots have the opportunity to develop their existing skills and understanding of the behaviour and handling of ships using the centre's fleet of manned ship models. This is followed by a series of sessions in the Full Mission Ship's Bridge Simulator with agreed objectives, examples of which might be specific environmental conditions or dealing with emergencies.

Course Timetable

Sunday                   Arrive Hotel


                             0815-0830     Taxi to Lake

                             0830-0915     Registration and Introduction.

                                                 Discussion of course content.

                             0915-1130     Familiarisation with Manned Models

                             1130-1300     Workshop - "Revision of Principles"

                             1300-1345     Lunch

                             1345-1715     Manned Model Exercises

                             1715-1730     Taxi to Hotel


                             0815-0830     Taxi to Lake

                             0830-0915     Define Course Objectives

                             0915 -1300     Manned Model Exercises

                             1300-1345     Lunch

                             1345-1430     Workshop

                             1430-1715     Manned Model Exercises

                             1715-1730     Taxi to Hotel


                             0815-0830     Taxi to Lake

                             0830-0915     Workshop

                             0915-1300     Manned Model Exercises

                             1300-1345     Lunch

                             1345-1715     Manned Model Exercises 

                             1715-1730     Taxi to Hotel


                                     0830     Arrive Warsash Full Mission Bridge Simulator

                             0830-1300     Simulator introduction and familiarisationation

                             1300-1345     Lunch

                             1345-1715     Simulator Exercises

                             1715-1730     Taxi to Hotel


                             0815-0830     Taxi to Warsash

                             0830-1300     Simulator Exercises

                             1300-1345     Lunch

                             1345-1645     Simulator Exercises

                             1645-1715     Full course debrief

                             1715             End of course. Taxi as required.


Course Objectives


The course aim will be achieved by addressing objectives which can include, but are not limited to, the following subject areas :-

  • Revision of principles of shiphandling
  • Further enhancement of shiphandling skills
  • Practice Pilotage techniques in a variety of environmental conditions and port situations.
Workshop Sessions


Workshop sessions are timetabled in to the schedule. Consultation with the Pilots and consideration of relevant and typical ship handling objectives will assist in determining their content. They may include, but not limited to, elements taken from the following list, which in itself is not exhaustive. Indeed subsequent workshops and exercises may address a combination of subjects, for example, complex berthing operations in conditions of wind and current.

  • Revision of principles
  • Local scenario berthing/un-berthing operations
  • Turning
  • Channel Work
  • Varying environmental conditions - visibility, day/night, wind current
  • Thrusters
  • Tug use   Berthing  -  Escort
  • Anchor Work
  • Interaction
  • Rudders and propulsion systems
  • Twin screw
  • SBM Operations
  • CBM Operations
  • STS Operations
  • FSU Operations

And where appropriate :-

  • Port Marine Safety Code
  • Pilot / master relationship
  • Port passage planning

Further objectives appropriate to the special situations of the Pilots attending will be defined at the start of the course in consultation with them.

The Simulator Ships

The mathematical models used in the Bridge Simulator have been tested and verified to ensure that their performance is realistic and is comparable to that of the real ships they replicate. They comprise a wide variety of vessels ranging from a coaster of 55m loa at 3.5m draft, to container vessels, LPGs, general cargo, bulkers, warships and passenger vessels through to a series of VLCCs.

Training Area

A generic area has been especially devised in order that the course aims of the simulation module can be satisfactorily achieved. It can rapidly be adjusted to suit a Pilot's specific requirements and is easy to learn. Being unknown to the Pilots, it eliminates any preconceptions which may be assumed from a known area and therefore ensures that best practice is employed.

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