Welcome to the Warsash Maritime Academy Ship Handling Centre website. This is not an official site, but is a site that was designed and built by one of the lecturers.

The Warsash Maritime Academy Ship Handling Centre is part of the Warsash Maritime Academy which provides first class education, training, consultancy and research to the international shipping and off-shore oil industries.

The Academy is an integral part of Southampton Solent University; a relationship that sets it apart from most competitors and is a major strength when developing education and training programmes. 

The Warsash Maritime Academy Ship Handling Centre offers courses to the professional mariner and yacht master in ship  handling, ranging from the Standard Course, where little or no ship handling experience is required, through to courses for the experienced marine pilot. Courses can also be adapted to the individual customer requirement. Please contact us for further details to discuss your requirements.

The Centre has 7 scale model vessels, which can represent 9 different vessels. The courses are operated on a 9 acre lake offering a variety of berths, basins and channels, including a canal. Different port scenarios can be built using floating pontoons. The centre also has 4 tugs, one ASD (Azimuth Stern Drive ), one Voith Schneider and 2 steerable kort nozzle tug, delivering a scale bollard pull of approximately 100 tonnes.

"Re-thinking the Pivot Point" a paper by Dr. Seong - Gi  Seo Published in Seaways  - August 2011

The International Journal of the Nautical Institute

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What are manned models ?

Manned models are fully scaled model ships used in the professional training and development of mariners in the art of handling a ship. The models are in fact a form of simulation, and have the correct power to weight ratio as its full sized counterpart.

Why manned model training, as opposed to bridge simulator training ?

Manned model training complements bridge simulator training but the emphasis on the models is on the final phase of berthing a ship rather than bridge teamwork training, which is best carried out on a computerised bridge simulator.

Because of the scaling factors of the models, 5 times as many manoeuvres can be carried out on a model as opposed to a bridge simulator, or the real ship.


Warsash Academy

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IMO Resolution A.960


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